22 Reasons To Love Merc Retch!

I’m sure at some point in the last couple of years you have heard someone say something like this:

“OMG Did you hear? Mercury is in Retrograde. UGH. Now I have to wait 8 weeks to get the new iPhone.”

Or maybe something like this:

“No, we can’t sign the contract for the new house because Mercury is doing that retrograde thing. I know, it really sucks!”

Or maybe even this:

“We broke up. And my car died. And my flight was delayed like 5 times in a 24 hour period. Yea, it’s because Mercury is going retro. I’m convinced I should just lock myself in a room for 8 weeks the next time this planet decides to have it’s period or whatever. I hate you Mercury!”

It’s SO funny isn’t it? This whole “let’s blame Mercury Retrograde for all of our life problems” game that we play.

Even though I’ve been studying the zodiac for over 20 years now {I started back in 1995} and I have the evidence to prove that this whole astrology thing does work, I still laugh hysterically at the ways we let the planetary cycles dictate our every move.

But here is the truth:

You are NOT your sign.
You are your ENERGY.

YOU have the power and you have the choice to decide what kind of energy you want to bring into a room. Your natal birth information is important, don’t get me wrong.

Astrology is really a cosmic outline that explains the three big life questions we as humans ask ourselves on a daily basis:

1. Who am I?
2. What is life?
3. How can I cope?

It’s your road map in this lifetime, it is the cliff-notes to the story that your life is teaching the world and it is also your personality filter— the unique aspects that make your energy different from anyone else.

Again, Astrology is AMAZING! But here’s the deal — it’s still apart of this physical FORM filled world we live in. It’s not who you really are.

When you croak, your body will stay here and your birthchart will too.

That’s why your MINDSET is everything. Your MINDSET is what determines your past, present and future. The 12 themes of the zodiac are completely neutral. This is why as astrologers, we tell you the best and worst traits of each sign.

You can be an Aries in the 12th house coming from FEAR or…
You can be an Aries in the 12th house coming from LOVE

The theme is happening. The zodiac cycle is playing out.
But the way you leverage that is really up to YOU.

And, if you don’t know what Mercury Retrograde is, then watch my hilarious video below!

So…guess what??

All you have to do, is make the decision today to think positively. Then YOU can LEVERAGE Mercury Retrograde in a way that makes it FABULOUS!

It can truly become the BEST time of the year for you!

Don’t believe me?
{You’re saying: “J-FO What are you talking about!?}

Well, here you go!

22 Reasons Why…
Mercury Retrograde Is Good For You:

Reason 1: It inspires you to connect with NATURE

When your car breaks down, it forces you to take a walk. While your iPhone is rebooting, maybe you take a peak out the window and realize it’s a beautiful day. When Mercury is in retrograde there is a small whisper from the universe that says, “Go hug a tree.” So please, go outside and run around!

Reason 2: It teaches you PATIENCE

During Mercury Retrograde I usually find myself calling tech support a hundred times and by the 98th call I’m ready to punch Earl the IT specialist in the face! Poor Earl. Anyway, when you find yourself in the midst of a customer service retrograde nightmare, just smile and say: “That good ole’ Mercury, teaching me to have more patience.” Then thank Earl for his help. He’s learning patience too!

Reason 3: It reunites you with old FRIENDS

This may be one of the BEST parts of MERC RETCH: reunions! Uncork the red wine and enjoy the people you haven’t seen in a while. Take pictures, remember your favorite inside jokes and hug them — just like you hugged the tree!

Reason 4: It helps you appreciate TECHNOLOGY

I have had my fair share of horrible technology breakdowns during Mercury Retrograde. Like this one from February 2015 when my brand new iPhone fell into a fountain of water inside a sushi restaurant in Astoria Queens. {Thank God they had rice!} I was freakin’ pissed. But let me tell you, I hug my iPhone everyday now {OMG there is so much hugging} and I appreciate all my electronics. I love you gadgets!

Reason 5: It gives you more moments to MEDITATE

When you are waiting…and then still waiting… and then waiting some more… instead of complaining about it — just breathe! Simple and to the point: Just freakin’ meditate people!

Reason 6: It helps you REFLECT on your life

Take the time to truly re-evaluate what is going on with your life. Mercury is taking a nap right now, so there is not much to do. Go sit on a park bench or take a drive by yourself and reflect on your journey. You deserve a break and you might learn a thing or two.

Reason 7: It strengthens your COMMUNICATION skills

Wife: “Here honey. I bought you some thyme.” Husband: “Thyme? WHAT!!?? I asked you to buy a LIME!” So yea. There’s that. You will have a tough time communicating during Mercury Retrograde. Don’t even try too hard. It’s a waste of THYME. {LMAO} But in truth the experience of Mercury Retrograde will make you realize how important the art of communication is. Whether that is written, spoken or in song form {that might be a good strategy — sing what you want to say!} You can make a plan for what you want to say, but maybe wait till we are direct to actually say it!

Reason 8: It can be a trip down MEMORY LANE

The past will come back into the picture during this time. It might be an old flame missing you {don’t fall for it during MR} or maybe you find a dusty old picture of you and your family that you didn’t even know existed. Bask in it! Relish in the nostalgia!

Reason 9: It brings you many AHA MOMENTS

When we go backwards with Mercury {it’s really just going slower} we tend to realize things we never thought about before. In the coaching world there is a phrase we use a lot called “re-framing.” When you reframe something, you take a negative belief and see it in a more positive way. During MR you will have a ton of AHA MOMENTS. Oprah will be SO proud!

Reason 10: It helps you LAUGH at life

Mercury Retrograde is freakin’ hilarious. I mean seriously. You will be dying with laughter… more like living with laughter. Just laugh it off people, just laugh it off.

Reason 11: It brings you closer to SPIRIT

Mercury Retrograde is known to bring out the worse in people {especially around the Full Moon} so your shadow side will make itself known for sure. Love it. Love your shadow. This is going to be a time where you will rely on your faith more than you ever have before. More faith means more spirituality. Go to a spiritual retreat or a yoga class. Do it. J-FO said so.

Reason 12: It REROUTES you toward a new path

There will be a sign telling you that “THIS ROAD IS CLOSED FOR REPAIR.” Notice the RE of Mercury Retrograde: Re-Route, Re-pair, Re-do. So you might have to go a different way and sometimes it may even be a way you don’t know. The unknown can be scary. But trust your gut and follow the detour signs. You might even come across your new favorite road!

Reason 13: It shows you how STRONG you really are

Did you know that Hurricane Sandy happened in the PRE phase leading up to a Mercury Retrograde? Sometimes Mercury Retrograde can bring some crazy weather {and airport delays}. When they say technology will break down, sometimes that literally means NO POWER due to a storm. So whether it’s a literal storm or an internal storm, Mercury Retrograde might test your resolve. But you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You CAN do it and you WILL survive.

Reason 14: It gives you more time to THINK

Mental energy is going to be at an all time high during Mercury Retrograde and it is really not the best time to speak up, but more a good time to do some THINKING. Take this time to THINK things over. Believe me, you will have a lot of time on your hands.

Reason 15: It births more DESIRE in you

When we are inside the contrast of what we DON’T want, we shoot out rockets of desire to the Universe of what we DO want. Mercury Retrograde will help you get SUPER clear on your desires so pay attention. Then when Mercury goes direct you can take massive action on the things that you truly want.

Reason 16: It can cure your WRITERS block

You know that writer’s block you just can’t shake? Well, Mercury Retrograde is a writer’s dream. Whip out that old journal or writing project and get to work. Your words and thoughts will be flowing!

Reason 17: It brings you more CREATIVITY

Divine downloads ALL day long during Mercury Retrograde. You are thinking, reflecting, writing and chillin’ in nature! Of course you are going to be more creative. Write a song! Mold some clay. Paint a picture. Or whatever feels creative to you.

Reason 18: It INSPIRES you to new ideas

The most innovative ideas can come to you in a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Leverage this time to think outside of the box. And music! Music and mercury retrograde are a match made in heaven. Listen to your favorite play list and inspiration will come for sure.

Reason 19: It shows you news way to have FUN

When you are ready to turn on your TV to watch your favorite movie and the DVR is NOT working {and you can’t figure out why, but really it’s just because Mercury is in Retrograde} you are going to have to find a new way to have fun. Game night anyone?

Reason 20: It allows you to be INDECISIVE

If you usually have a hard time making a decision then guess what!? This will be your FAVORITE time of the year because you should be indecisive during MR. You aren’t making any big decisions during this time so it’s actually safer to make that PRO and CON list now, weigh both sides and then make a decision once we go direct. Awesome right?

Reason 21: It can HEAL old wounds

An old love may come back into your life during this time or it may even just be thoughts about that relationship coming back up to the surface. It’s ok. That is the point of Mercury Retrograde. Go with it. Let MR cleanse you of the old so the new can come in. Heal those wounds baby!

Reason 22: It helps you SLOW DOWN

And of course this is the ONE and ONLY reason why Mercury Retrograde is good for you: we need to SLOW DOWN. Take this time to be more present, take this time to appreciate all the good that is in your life. Shut off your phone, open a book or take a drive. Re-set, Re-treat, Re-boot and enjoy.


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