How To Attract Your Soulmate

Being in a romantic relationship is a magical thing. We all dream of it. We all wish for it. We all hope for it. It’s that fairy tale love story we see in movies and we just can’t wait for it to happen to us. However for some people, love doesn’t come as quickly as we had hoped. We struggle as we watch all of our peers fall in love. We sit on the sidelines wondering when it will be our turn. And it’s in these moments where we can lose hope. We get negative. We get stuck. We block the miracle. The good news? Well, there is a very important divine fact, a Course In Miracles concept, that we can use when we lose our vibrational center. This powerful shift in perception can help us open up to the love miracles awaiting us. 

“All relationships are spiritual assignments.”

When we can shift our mindset to the adventure of spiritual assignments, then dating can become a therapeutic dance of self-love. 

“Finding your soulmate is an inside job.”

In this week’s video, I give you the true secret sauce to manifesting your soulmate, while finding more love within. 

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