22 Reasons To Love Merc Retch!

I’m sure at some point in the last couple of years you have heard someone say something like this:

“OMG Did you hear? Mercury is in Retrograde. UGH. Now I have to wait 8 weeks to get the new iPhone.”

Or maybe something like this:

“No, we can’t sign the contract for the new house because Mercury is doing that retrograde thing. I know, it really sucks!”

Or maybe even this:

“We broke up. And my car died. And my flight was delayed like 5 times in a 24 hour period. Yea, it’s because Mercury is going retro. I’m convinced I should just lock myself in a room for 8 weeks the next time this planet decides to have it’s period or whatever. I hate you Mercury!”

It’s SO funny isn’t it? This whole “let’s blame Mercury Retrograde for all of our life problems” game that we play.

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What Is Astrology?

Astrology is a word that gets TWO basic responses. Some people roll their eyes in judgement, claiming they know with complete certainty that the zodiac is totally bogus. Then there is the other extreme, where people turn to “the sky” to solve all of their problems. Praying that hiring an astrologer will help them heal

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1 Minute Astro Fact!

Back at the very beginning of The Just JFO Mission (when I was calling myself “The Astro Therapist”) I had this idea to do a youtube series of 1 Minute Astro Facts with JFO! I decided to share this oldie (but goodie!) this week and I think I might even bring back this 1 minute idea

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What Is Scorpio?

I have this video series on Youtube I did a view years back. You can check it out here! It’s my tour into each sign of the Zodiac. All 12 signs! In the videos, I explain each sign based on the categories they fall into. It’s generalized of course, since you are SO much more

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Meditation or Mimosas?

So, maybe you had a shitty week. Your lover left you. Your car broke down. You have no money for rent. What gives? Life can truly be a struggle sometimes. So, the question is… Does this call for mimosas or does this call for meditation? Don’t get me wrong, I love a tasty beverage and a

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