The Just JFO Mission


My MISSION is to help YOU with YOUR mission. 

You see that excited 2 year old above? THAT was me! No filter. No fear.

Just Joyful, Free-flowing Oneness!
The “JFO” Way!


You see….Once Upon A Time, we all radiated with PURE LOVE. We didn’t have to DO anything to prove that we were enough. Our BEING-NESS was all that was required. But as we grew up, the separation became more real: “there is something that I WANT and for some reason I CAN’T have it.” It’s what Joseph Campbell calls the “Hero’s Journey.” 

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek.”
– Joseph Campbell

The very MINUTE you were born, is the moment of the separation. The moment you went from ONE-NESS to TWO-NESS. And that my friends, is when the paradox began. We all share one problem, and that is our disconnection from Source Energy…pure JOY. 

And we all share one solution: Closing the GAP to our suffering. 


The JUST JFO MISSION is about helping you close the gap…but CUSTOMIZED just for you. Yep. Self-Help, made to order. Because ONE size does NOT fit all. That moment of the separation is the very minute & day you were born and THAT is what I have been studying for 20 years. Some people like to call it Astrology, but I call it your Personality Filter! It’s the unique way PURE POSITIVE ENERGY can be expressed through you! And it’s also where NEGATIVE ENERGY can get trapped. I always tell my clients:

You are NOT your SIGN. You are your ENERGY. Always.


The “self-help” is the energy work. But your MISSION? Your customized HERO’S JOURNEY? That’s your personality filter and it’s the story your life is telling. Right now. In REAL time. No out-takes. No rehearsals. No rewinds. The good news? I have YOUR map and I can tell you your DESTINY! I have the behind the scenes information for the movie of your life! The bad news? No astrologer, psychic, shaman or mystic can control how your life unfolds. I can’t tell you WHAT to do. That’s the beauty of free will. Only YOU have the power to choose. And the choice is simple:


Should I LOVE or Should I FEAR?

That’s the choice. And it becomes a much easier, and more compassionate choice, when you understand your personality filter. Now, why is my business called JUST JFO? What does that mean? Well for starters, since my name is Jennifer Forchelli, that’s my nickname! {Kinda like JLO, but different since I’m from Jersey!} JFO is what you can call me, but the mission is bigger than a nickname…

I want you to find Your Joy. Your Freedom. Your Oneness. 


You see, I struggled for years with finding my right path. I was far from Joy, I was far from Freedom & I was far from Oneness. I really wanted to “fit” in, but I got the message that I wasn’t enough. I thought I had to hide in some “theatrical & spiritual “w00-woo” closet.” I didn’t think I could be open about my passions, let alone monetize them. So, what did I do? I did EVERYTHING in my power to be a “normal” American employee, while secretly reading birthcharts on lunch breaks.

When someone would ask me, “JFO, what do you do?”


There would always be a strange uncomfortable pause…And then I would say:
“Well, I WAS a (fill in the blank)…”

(and choose your own adventure below):
virtual assistant
singing waitress
casting assistant
marketing assistant
music theatre performer
special education teacher
customer support manager
photography business owner
private elementary school office manager


As you can see, it was a BIT difficult figuring out WHO the hell I was!
And that’s when it ALL clicked.
Like a light bulb moment.

I am a seeker
I am an artist
I am a storyteller
I am a spiritual journalist
I am an online entrepreneur

I am so many things
But really…

I’m Just JFO !


After 20 years and 52 day jobs—trying to figure out WHO the hell I WAS, I finally arrived at the only thing I can be: ME! I am nothing more than JUST JFO: the funny, cute, Irish Italian girl from New Jersey who loves to read birthcharts at parties & discuss the meaning of life! 

Once I OWNED my truth, I found my happiness and my mission followed with ease!

I want that for you too. My mission is to help you align with your DESTINY!
So…what is the customized cosmic curriculum I use to help you heal your life?


I call it: JFO-OLOGY!

It’s a very unique “spiritual smoothie” I have mixed up over the course of 20 years of self spiritual study! Think of it this way: If Course In Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, the Buddha, Psychology, Astrology, & Online Marketing had a BABY? It would be called The JUST JFO SYSTEM! Add a dash of comedy to the mix & you get quite the show!
My JUST JFO SYSTEM is very simple:
Learn your CODE
Live your CURE
Leverage your CASH!
This is my JFO-OLOGY Formula, BUT (huge but) —  I advise you to create your OWN “spiritual smoothie!” My biggest desire for you is to find your very own “YOU-OLOGY” and never let outside forces trump your inside faith! Just make sure to follow these 3 very important rules:
It must come from LOVE.
It must include all sentient BEINGS.
It must be a constant flow of CONTEMPLATION.

I can’t wait to help you manifest your magic, master your mindset and monetize your mission all while leveraging the power of the cosmos!


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