Meditation or Mimosas?

So, maybe you had a shitty week. Your lover left you. Your car broke down. You have no money for rent. What gives? Life can truly be a struggle sometimes. So, the question is Does this call for mimosas or does this call for meditation? Dont get me wrong, I love a tasty beverage and a night out on the town! {Its important to let loose and have some fun!} But I truly believe that meditation is really the ONLY thing you ever need.

When you meditate you can “Let your curiosity be greater than your fear.”



That is a quote from Pema Chodron, one my favorite Buddhist teachers! And it’s very true. Of course you can stay curious with a mimosa in your hand, but I challenge you to see this a bit differently. Think to yourself:

“I could ‘NUMB OUT’ or I could ‘NOW IN’!”

It’s kinda funny, but it’s a great reminder of the difference, You could go OUT & NUMB. Or you could go IN, toward that divine voice that is guiding you to be present NOW. Let me tell you, it’s WAY more powerful!

Check out my 9 minute video, from an old “Wisdom Wednesday,” where I give you the low down on the difference. 

Also, I make a hilarious metaphor using donuts. It’s self-help comedy at it’s best!


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