Top 3 Tips For Entrepreneurs

I have been reading birthcharts for so many years and let me tell you, I have the secret sauce to understanding your calling. The destiny line in the birthchart gives us, as astrologers, very specific insight into the story a life is telling. Into the value a person can bring to the world, just by sharing their journey. This is what I call branding with the birthchart and it is super powerful! 

“Anyone with a big vision or idea can monetize their mission!”

The day in and day out hustle of building anything BIG is an intense commitment. Way too many people give up too early, because they think it will be 100% comfortable all of the time, and that is just not the case. 

“When it comes to entrepreneurship, it can be EASY but it won’t always be comfortable.”

This week on the blog I wanted to share with you my top 3 tips for entrepreneurs! 

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