What Is Astrology?

Astrology is a word that gets TWO basic responses. Some people roll their eyes in judgement, claiming they know with complete certainty that the zodiac is totally bogus. Then there is the other extreme, where people turn to “the sky” to solve all of their problems. Praying that hiring an astrologer will help them heal all their issues and solidify their future. Guess what? BOTH of these thoughts are totally wrong! 

“You can come from LOVE or you can come from FEAR, but Astrology is the personality filter that your energy comes through”

Let me tell you, I have been studying astrology for 20 years! It ALL started back in high school when I found THIS book! I was 15 and when I read my sign, I was SHOCKED!

“How does this book know me?”

 I was skeptical, yet intrigued. What I have learned after TWO decades of reading BIRTHCHARTS, is that it works! The problem is, we all have it wrong! It’s important to learn astrology the RIGHT way! 

Check out my 12 minute video, from an OLD “Wisdom Wednesday” where I talk about it ALL! And make you laugh along the way!


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