What Is Scorpio?

I have this video series on Youtube I did a view years back. You can check it out here! It’s my tour into each sign of the Zodiac. All 12 signs! In the videos, I explain each sign based on the categories they fall into. It’s generalized of course, since you are SO much more than just your Sun sign. But it’s great content for astrology beginners! Each video has anywhere from 5,000 to about 15,000 views. But my SCORPIO video? Well, it has close to 40,000 views! It’s my MOST watched video on my entire YouTube channel! So, the question is… WHY Scorpio?

Scorpio is curious about the invisible, the mystical, the unseen.

Of course Scorpio is my most popular video! It makes all the sense in the world. Because scorpios have a STRONG desire to understand the undiscovered. They are inquisitive detectives, looking for what can’t be seen and the darker side of life intrigues them! They are always ready to investigate! 

Scorpios are the psychologists & the intimacy specialists of the zodiac!

Tomorrow the Sun goes into Scorpio! And, next year at this time {October 10th 2017} Jupiter the planet of abundance, will go into Scorpio. 

So in honor of the Sun going into Scorpio, check out my most POPULAR video on Youtube! It’s 13 minutes long!

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