Why You Aren’t Happy

Even though I am a spiritual teacher and I have been studying self-help for over 20 years, I still struggle with my emotions and my happiness on a daily basis. Because honestly, life is just plain hard. There are so many things we crave and desire as human begins. Whether it’s love, health, money or career, when it comes to these subjects, we can get trapped in our “vibrational set points.” This is an Abraham-Hicks concept. When you practice an emotion for a long enough time, it becomes a habit. 

“When you get stuck in a vibrational set point, regarding a certain subject, you feel negative emotion. It’s because you are holding yourself back from the expanded version of you!”

This is why you are unhappy. This is why you feel miserable and sad. This is why nothing seems to change.

“It’s because GOD went to the desire you are asking for, but you didn’t go with GOD.”

In this week’s video, I breakdown this concept of why you aren’t happy in way more detail. Plus, I give you my TOP 3 TIPs on how to shift your vibration to get your self back to joy! 

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