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Meet JFO!

I can tell you your DESTINY! 

Yep. This is "Self-Help" CUSTOMIZED just for YOU!

Become a VIP Member! 

Here is what you get in the ZODIAC VIP CLUB:

Private ASTRO Audio Recording of your CHART!

You will get a private astrology audio recording sent to you by email where I will share with you an overview of your entire astrological birthchart & tell you your DESTINY! This really is the ONLY Astrology Reading You Will Ever Need! 

My "JUST JFO Zodiac System" Audio Class! 

In this 43 minute audio class you will learn the unique system of how I read birthcharts & what I have learned over the last 20 years of self study with the zodiac! Also included, are handouts to support the learning process!

Two Digital Pictures of Your Birthchart!

I will send you a clean picture of your birthchart so you can begin the journey of learning how to read it. I will also send you a second copy with my "Just JFO Zodiac System" guidance written on it!

Private Zodiac VIP Club FB Group!

You will get instant access to my private FB group called The Zodiac VIP Club! Meet other club members & learn in an on-going experience with JFO! You will have LIFETIME access & VIP status!

Email Support & Questions!

Prior to your session, you will be able to submit 3 very specific questions you want answered in your audio session! Then, after you listen to your audio you will get 1 week of email support! With this private support you can ask me anything!

VIP Member Perks for Life!

Once you are in, you are a JFO VIP Member with lifetime access! What this means, is you will have free access to all of my future trainings and programs on the zodiac and astrology. This way we can learn together with the support of a power community!

New&Full Moon Live Streams!

The reason this is "The Only Astrology Reading You Will Ever Need" is because once you are a VIP member you will have access to LIVE Full Moon & New Moon readings every single month! I will have your chart on file for monthly live classes with JFO!

Daily Astro Content!

Inside the private community you will receive daily content & connection with JFO! You will be able to learn all of my unique spiritual & zodiac formulas that you can use to create a miraculous life! This is a "self-help" spiritual community, but customized for you!

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