Hi, my name is Jennifer Forchelli, but call me J-FO. I’m a Destiny Coach and Quantum High Performance Mentor for Spiritual Creators & Entrepreneurs.

I help you align your dream life to your BIG mission!

Here’s my story


Once Upon A Time

two New Yorkers fell in love. A popular frat boy (and lawyer) flirted with a very cute single Mom (and nurse) at a bar in Manhattan, the night before Thanksgiving in 1975. And the rest is history! Love was in the air.

Naturally they decided to settle down in good ole New Jersey, right in time for a new and awesome decade, the 80s. On December 8th 1980, the night John Lennon was shot, the cute nurse went into labor. And that’s where I come in! The very next morning at 7:15AM, another awesome “Jersey girl” was born! And that is when the movie called Just JFO began.


From the minute I could talk and walk, I was dancing and singing. I told my parents at age 5 in my Mom’s heels, “My name is Holly, Holly Wood” with a wink. It was pretty clear, right from the start, I was ready for the stage!

I started violin lessons by age 6, piano and voice by age 8 and since my Dad loved to fish, we had a summer house out in Hampton Bays and by age 11 I performed every summer at Quogue Junior Theater Troupe. I even had a talent agent sign me by middle school and decided Musical Theatre would be my college degree. I was clearly ready for stardom!


One day, around age 8, I freaked out at the dinner table. “Oh no!” I said.

My Mother, confused, said back, “Jenny, what’s wrong?”
And then with a disappointed look on my face I said, “How am I going to pay the bills as an actress? I’m gonna be homeless!”

This truly was the defining moment of my movie!
The fear of the “fallen world” had set in.


They say money and love go hand and hand. Well, the more obsessed I became with paying the bills, the less focused I was on honing my talents and stepping into my mission. Unworthiness was my middle name and how to find “the right day job” became my relentless pursuit.
By age 39 and 74 day jobs later, I was an insecure mess.

When someone would ask me, “JFO, what do you do?” There was always a strange pause and then I would say — “Well, I used to be a (fill in the blank)…”
(choose your own adventure below):

Life Coach
Virtual Assistant
Singing Waitress
Casting Assistant
Special Education Teacher
Photography Business Owner
Customer Support Manager

I always had either a new job, a new career or a new business I was starting. But nothing seemed to work. I was underearning in every job I had with an internal angst of hopelessness. I didn’t want to trade time for money anymore and I dreamed of being fully free to pursue my creative talents and ideas instead of someone else’s.

I knew I was secretly an entrepreneur. But how would I get out of this vicious groundhogs day cycle of “being an employee” just to pay the bills?

This identity crisis seeped right into my love life too. I didn’t feel worthy. I didn’t know how to own “being me.” I was a walking love wound. And I needed help. Little did I know, the “spiritual healer” I needed all along was me.


Even though I was baptized as a baby, by age 5 I was a Sunday School dropout. I loved to perform in the Church choir of course, but I was skeptical of the whole religion thing. Yes, even at age 5 I knew something was off. (Little did I know Jesus would become my very best friend 30 years later.)

By age 14 I read my first spiritual book “The Eagle and The Rose” written by a psychic medium and my curiosity peaked. I asked myself constantly: What is life? and Who am I? That was when the spiritual seeking seed was planted.

And then the next thing that happened was nothing short of a miracle. At age 15, I casually read the description of my zodiac sign in a silly book my friend had. I was in total disbelief at how well this book knew me. Like, really really knew me.

But when I showed it to some of my other friends, there were mixed responses. Some people agreed with me: “Wow! This is SO me!” Others told me it didn’t resonate. I was perplexed and needed to know more.

So, I went to Barnes and Nobles (this was 1996, pre-Amazon days) and bought a book called “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.” Using the exact day, time and location of birth, this book showed readers how to draw a picture of the sky on the day you were born called a birth chart. I was shocked!

My chart was an incredible snapshot of not only my life, but my core personality and it was so much more than just your sun sign. How did Joanna Martine Woolfolk know me so well? But I was still very skeptical. By now I was a New Ager, but I was still a realist. I needed more data.
For the next 30 years, (parallel to my day job search obsession) I studied every single spiritual modality that existed. Everything from the Conversations With God Trilogy, A Course In Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Pema Chodron and more.

I also studied 1000s of birth charts. I would read a chart for any soul who would let me. The phrase “JFO will read your chart!” at every party I attended became my new normal for the next 10+ years.

By age 28, my Destiny Vibes system was born! Once I discovered a very specific part of the chart called the North and South Node, I learned that this wasn’t a silly horoscope inside a Vanity Fair magazine. This was a “Hero’s Journey” roadmap and movie script that could change people’s lives. I knew I had a mission now: to teach astrology “the right way!”


January of 2012 was when I launched my very first business called: Astro Therapy. I created a Facebook Page and a YouTube account and I was off to the races! Paying the bills as an Astrologer seemed easy, but got complicated quickly. Branding my business and finding the right niche was confusing, as I navigated being a new Youtuber.
Even though my system does use the zodiac, it is not like “popular Astrology” at all. It was innovative, different and that was what my clients would tell me.

Destiny Vibes is a profound coaching system that helps people understand their divine personality, their relationships and their life mission. It’s more powerful than a man-made personality test and WAY more specific than a superficial “what’s your sign?” description.

It wasn’t till I was chillin’ with my bestie at our favorite local Astoria Queens brunch spot when it hit me. Like a light bulb moment. “I’m not an astrologer. I’m a storyteller and a mystic journalist. I am so many things!” And then my best friend Desi said with comic conviction, “Yea, you’re Just JFO!”

That was it! That was the brand. Because that is exactly what the birth-chart is: your movie script. The movie called: “JUST YOU.” I knew at that moment I wanted to work with entrepreneurs and spiritual creators. Humans with a BIG mission who felt “stuck” just like I did, wanting “it ALL” and not knowing where to begin. The only question was, how was I going to heal myself?

The birth-chart is like a spiritual x-ray. It shows you the behind the scenes information, but it’s not going to hold your hand when your dog dies. I needed help with the “vibes” part of the equation. I was still broken. I was living back in my New Jersey childhood home after 7 years in NYC, unemployed and I wasn’t just broke – I was broken. I had gained 50 lbs. I was numbing my latest break-up with a daily dose of dirty chais from Starbucks and Jersey Mikes #7 sub sandwiches. I was sleeping in till noon, wildly in debt and felt deeply depressed. How was I going to build a business from this state? I needed a miracle.


It was my 36th birthday, December 2016. I was at a mall in Jersey shopping with my Mom and I took one look in the mirror and barely recognized myself.

I had been following this world traveling bohemian fitness chick on Instagram and I knew she was earning income, all virtually, with home fitness workouts. I was in awe of Amy’s lifestyle and success. I wanted the freedom and wellness she had. Little did I know how life changing that one reachout email was going to be.

She was teamed up with a company called Beachbody (now BODi) and even though I had attempted some workouts in the past and loved some of their products – I had never gone “all in” on the full Total Solution: fitness + nutrition + mindset + community support. I was also excited at the idea that my own transformation could help others and I could earn income if I shared my journey.

On January 7th 2018 I decided to commit to 365 days of The Total Solution. I pressed play on workouts 5-6 days per week, I picked a nutrition protocol and followed it daily, I leaned in for accountability with Amy’s team and I started to work on my mindset with personal & professional development content.

I lost 37 lbs that first year but more importantly, I had healed my depression! I was happy again and shockingly excited to wake up at 6am to start my day. I felt sexy, I felt fit and I felt love for myself. I had found the high performance lifestyle I needed for my big mission and the community support I was lacking as a solo-preneur.

The idea of having a fitness crew and a team of partners running alongside me, was even more exciting. Plus, having a “business in a box” and a self care side hustle that served my health as I worked toward wealth, felt like a huge win-win. That year, Team Sexy Fit Love was born!


Life started to get exciting with my health in order, but I was still broke, and my love life was a mess! At this point I was 37 years old and everyone I knew was settled down, married with two kids. I felt behind in my life. But no matter how hard I worked on dating and putting myself out there, nothing seemed to stick.

On a warm Thursday in July, 2018, I got stood up and ghosted by a guy on a dating app who I really liked. I was furious and deeply defeated. I called my Mother on the phone, “That’s it! I’m becoming a nun!” Then a fun idea popped into my head – what if I actually did become a nun. What if I married Jesus? I had been following some of the top leaders in my new social selling company and noticed that a lot of them were Christians. They read things called devotionals in the morning as a part of their daily personal development routine. I started to wonder, what is this whole Christianity thing really all about? Being the spiritual seeker I am, I knew I had to investigate this Jesus thing for myself.

So, on July 27th 2018 I started a new 365 day commitment container. I called it “My Holy Love Journey” and I decided that for 1 full year I would “try on” Christianity. I would do everything a devoted Christian does: invite Jesus in, go to Church, listen to worship music, read the Bible, pray daily and measure my journey with year long devotionals.

I figured if this Jesus thing was real, I would know within a year. Well within a week, miracles manifested and Jesus spoke to me in profound ways! This time it wasn’t a “religion,” like when I was 5. Now, it was a “relationship.”

In 2020, when the world got crazy, God woke me up to the enemy in a BIG way. I was guided on a sovereign investigative journey of the fallen world – which is the chapter of Earth’s history we are in now. I was fully awakened. I spent 17 months learning about the shadowy hidden worlds inside this Matrix and the metaphysical truths that have been suppressed.

What Jesus showed me mostly, is that the enemy hides everywhere. It’s the Babylonian Empire on repeat. The enemy hides inside every religion, every system, every political party and tries to divide us and entice us into our amnesia: that the 3D world is all that exists. I was inspired and excited, but if my mission was going to be this “savage,” I knew It was time to truly heal my “LOVE wound” once and for all.

I was in awe of this new revelation and felt free! However, I found being “awake out of the matrix” amongst lots of sleepy souls, felt like being obnoxiously sober at a party with drunk people. How would I navigate this fallen world? I knew I needed to lean into a community of awakened believers, but how was a “new-age astrologer” going to serve and lead in any local modern day Church?

Plus, I was still in my ground-hogs day cycle when it came to love and money. Even with Jesus in my life, I was still wallowing about my circumstances and telling negative stories. I binged Christian content about activating a move of God with my love life, but was told to “have faith” and that God has a plan for my life. If marriage was a part of that plan, God would bring me my Husband. So what, He might not guide me to marriage? This “plan” is all up to Him? This didn’t sit right with me.

It wasn’t until my favorite Church organization told me I couldn’t lead a group because of my work with Astrology, that I knew I had gone too far into the “Christianity” experiment. Being in the religion of Christianity for 5 years was life changing, but I needed to get my power back. I turned to my bestie Jesus and prayed. And in a powerful meditation Jesus told me with conviction, “JFO you are here to innovate and spread LOVE and the Gospel outside of the walls of a religion and teach the Divine Zodiac the right way.”


My whole life I kept repeating a very specific story “Everyone gets love except for me and nothing ever works out for me!” I would call my Mom and complain every week. And that was exactly what I kept experiencing. That was my groundhog’s day cycle. I did everything you could think of to heal: I read every self-help book, I used the Law Of Attraction, I hired therapists and life coaches, I invited Jesus in and I even married Jesus in a public baptism my 5th year as a Christian.

But nothing changed. This story was still playing out in my life no matter how many times I prayed for God to change it.
I always thought I was behind in life and nothing was working out for me, but really God had me all along in a 30 year season of “mission preparation.” God was getting me ready for my innovative ministry and there was still one last missing piece of the puzzle to complete.

One day, I was contemplating the idea of “faith” and decided to do some digging on YouTube. I heard a name mentioned that I had never heard before: Neville Goddard. He taught The Law of Assumption: “The I Am State is what creates worlds and our conscious awareness is God. What we “assume” we create.” He aligned all of it to scripture in his books. My worlds collided as I read the work of one man who was born over 100 years prior. This was all of it: New Age, New Thought, New Testament and New Earth. It was, what I now call — “The New Alignment.” And it was the true key to finally unlock my mindset fix.

What I finally discovered is that in order to fully heal, you need to do it from the realm of no time and space — you need the quantum field. To get what your heart desires, you don’t need to wait on some outside God because there is no outside plan. You are the plan. You are the movie. Your state of consciousness is the “Kingdom of Heaven” within, as the creator that you are. It’s the ultimate paradox:

​​“I and The Father are one” JOHN 10:30
“The Father is greater than I” JOHN 14:28

Use the power of your mind to consciously create your dream life and let the subconscious do the rest. I had found my LOVE cure – and it was my imagination all along!


While my Just JFO movie still has many more “Once Upon A Time” chapters to write – I’m excited to see what the future holds.

If you’ve come this far in my story, then we are officially new besties and I can’t wait to connect with you!
Plus if you are anything like me, you “want it all” and have a BIG mission too. We should definitely do life together!

One thing I know for sure, is that it’s time for you to shine and be a LOVE story for the world! I have the BEST formula to help you get RESULTS:

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