Im Rachael Bodie

I help network marketers scale to Multi 6-figures and beyond with Balance and Joy

Meet Rachael

You started this business to create real freedom, but lately it doesn’t feel that way.


You want to grow your income AND enjoy your life, but you constantly find yourself thinking that you should be doing more.

You have a genuine desire to help others succeed, but you question your leadership ability.

I’m Rachael Bodie – a business coach for network marketers. I can help you because I’ve been there. I built a 6-figure social selling business in 20 months while working a full time corporate job, with 2 little kids. And a husband who traveled a lot.

The business created the freedom to retire from that role, and even to retire my husband. The problem was I felt completely exhausted.I wanted to enjoy my business AND my life. I knew there was a better way. And I discovered it.

Since then, I have coached hundreds of social sellers to do the same. I’m a combination of business strategist, mindset mentor, and your best friend who always has your back. I have 20 years experience in leadership development, marketing, business systems and sales. I have scaled multiple businesses to over 7-Figures in revenue. So I know what works, and how to coach you to take action on it, to create a business AND life you love.

How Rachael Helps

If you want to grow your social selling business, you’ve come to the right place.

I work with two kinds of network marketers. Those who want to build consistent $1k-$4k months in The School of Social Selling and those who want to scale to Multi-6 and 7 figures in The Balance and Scale Mastermind.

Why Rachael

What you get working with Rachael

An Experienced Mentor

Rachael has a Bachelors in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from The University of Georgia, and over 20+ Years of experience in leadership development, sales, and marketing. She spent 14 years working directly for renowned leadership expert: Dr. John C. Maxwell. Rachael has close to a decade of experience in the direct sales industry mentoring women to build successful businesses. If you want to scale your business in a way that’s more balanced and purposeful, I can teach you how.

Mindset & Self-Leadership Tools

To grow your business and successfully lead others, it starts with self-leadership. If you find yourself struggling with time management, doubt, motivation, or mentoring, the answer will include mindset management. Rachael uses a self-leadership tool that is rooted in cognitive behavioral neuroscience to identify and remove the blocks

Proven Business Strategy

To fast-track the results you want, a marketing and leader development strategy is a must. Instead of stressing trying to do it all on your own: social media strategy, new product launch planning, content creation, a mentoring system, you will learn tested strategies on how to build and scale your business with simple, step-by-step processes that actually feels good.

The Balance and Scale Mastermind

The Elite Mastermind elevating the standard for the Social Selling Industry. Together with other 6 and 7 Figure industry veterans, you’ll learn a proven process for leadership, differentiation, recruiting, and systems to scale a sustainable, joyful business.

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The School Of Social Selling

The interactive premium coaching program to learn exactly how to build your network marketing business to full-time income. You’ll have access to live & on-demand coaching, modules, and resources to grow your audience, create valuable content, and recruit in an authentic way.

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The Ultimate Recruiting & Duplication Workshop

In this Masterclass, you’ll discover how to elevate your recruiting skills and mentor your team to create downline depth and duplication. Walk away with the clarity to know exactly what to do to recruit and mentor, and the confidence to do it!

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The process NOBODY has taught you.

Struggling with your recruiting and wondering what you’re doing wrong? Feeling defeated because you feel like you should be further along? Access my Next Level Results guide to learn exactly why you’re struggling and what to do instead. It’s the exact process I use with my 6 & 7 Figure clients. It’s simple and it works.

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You don’t have to do it alone anymore. It’s time to get the support you need to take your business to the next level.